Weekend at Dolan's

Weekend at Dolan's

We took a trip up to "Southern California's largest natural lake", a title that 100% can't be true, to hang out with Skateboarder / Artist Dolan Stearns. 

Because it was a long weekend, and we're all hungover, we've decided to let The Intern caption these photos.

Disclaimer: The Intern is a huge Dolan fan and his views do not necessarily represent The Good Worth or Good Worth affiliates.

“Peeping some zines, Zine is short for magizine…I think. I don’t know.”-The Intern

“Flipping the bird has never looked so good.”-The Intern

“You may think thats a big ol’ schlong on the trunk, when actually its an assortment of misshaped bananas and apples.” -The Intern

“For those of you who don’t know, Dolan Stearns looks that blurry in person.”-The Intern

“Dolan threw those shoes up there first try. Although to a skateboarder first try means third try.”-The Intern

“They were going at least 21 Mph so lets hope the Lake Elsinore Police Department don’t see this.”-The Intern

“Ottos going to look pretty ridiculous wearing that shirt in 2017.”-The Intern

“CLASSIC Dolan defying gravity with a handsome frontside air.”-The Intern

“First he was speeding, now he’s tagging?! Wow just wait till the Lake Elsinore Police Department hears about this…But Ill admit it’s pretty cool.” -The Intern

“Nothings better than a beer shower on a hot day. Am I right ladies?”-The Intern

“I’ve never seen beer wasted for such a good cause.”-The Intern

“Heres Dolan displaying his plethora of Marijuana in all it’s glory.”-The Intern

“You know just in the off chance my mom sees this Im just going to say thats a big bag of oregano”-The Intern

“This is what happens when you have a lighter and take chances.”-The Intern

 “This just seems like an inappropriate use of lacker.”-The Intern 


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