Good Worth featured artist: Chase Cruz March 14 2016, 0 Comments

“When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you.” - Lao Tzu

It took an ancient Chinese philosopher to describe Chase’s humble way of life… probably because he lives in a way most of us can only dream. Assisting famed artist Kelsey Brooks by day, filming skateboarding at dusk while squeezing in some of the most beautiful photography in recent memory. Chase is a pretty gifted dude. But if you tried to tell him that he’d probably just want to talk about the “dankest memes” from today.


We caught up with Mr. Cruz for the stories behind some of our favorite photos:

“This is Julian (Klincewicz) on their first LUBE tour. They were on their way up to Oregon and there was a stack of skate magazines with one Penthouse. I remember he was pretty stoked on a lot of the photos cuz it was an older issue.”

“That is Echo Park Lake, or just Echo Lake..? I went up there with Linnea (Stephan) and rented a paddle boat. That was the first and only time I’ve ever been on a paddle boat.”

“Larue… that was right after he got his back tat and he was hanging out with his shirt off all the time. The kitchen at his place is really pretty, like, the wall paper and everything. It was the first time I’d ever used Kodak Gold and just really wanted to see how it would turn out.”

“Chicano Park. This was the first time I’d been there since they redid it and I don’t even know that guy. I was trying to get Truman (Hooker) to do stuff and he was just like, “Uh lemme try this instead”. I just ended up walking around shooting photos of that dude from different angles. Definitely lucked out with that one.”

“Joey, Sampson and Fender… I think that’s his name. What are other guitar names..? No that’s it for sure. It’s Fender.”

“Serena. She is the first person I’ve ever shot a photo of in my apartment. I wanted to use the natural light from my window. I wish I was a little bit more prepared but it was fun.”

“That is Anna (Zeltins). That’s when we went to those dunes off the 8 (freeway) on the way to Arizona. You can sleep there I guess. We didn’t though.”

“Larue’s Switch Back Tail at that one school in South East (San Diego). I asked him to do a Back Tail but he ended up doing a switch one. I just love how steezed out his arms are.”

"I think this was the first day I ever met Kelsey (Brookes). I had just got a new medium format camera that I wanted to try out. I am really lucky I met him that day cuz if I hadn't I'd probably still be washing dishes."

 "That is Linnea (Stephans) that's the second time I ever hung out with her. First time I met her was in San Onofre. We hung out and got burritos. This was up in Mammoth at Mono Lake. Something like 90% of California's seagulls come from that lake. It's crazy to think about."

Check out Chase's instagram @luckyboyislucky and make sure to pick up a copy of his newest skate video, "Fuck This Video Too".