Good Worth X Playboy ft. Bobby Long April 04 2016, 0 Comments

When it came time to shoot the second drop of the Good Worth X Playboy collection, our choice of model was clear. It was going to have to be Bobby Long.

Born and raised in Oceanside California, Bob drifts through life with a casual confidence that usually takes half a life to collect. He doesn't need much to get through his day and the majority of it can fit into his famed fanny pack. With this in mind, we packed light and set off for O'side. Bob greeted us with a huge grin and said, "So what're we gonna do today Big Dog!?". We told him it was up to him... and as we've come to expect, Mr. Long did not disappoint. 


Any day you don't get crushed to death by a lowrider can be considered a good day. With everything else that Bobby Long got us into, we'd consider this day one for the fuckin' books!


Cheers Bob!

Incase you missed it, you can relive the whole day from Bobby's point of view in the snapchat story below.